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    1.Composition of Employees (Specialty, Educational Background)

    Total number of employees: 22,012.

    By category: Corporate management: 5,272; professional technicians:  3,617;

    production personnel: 12,987; logistic staff: 136.

    By educational background: Doctoral graduate and  above:  35;  Postgraduate:

    634;Undergraduate:  9,951; College  graduate:  6,662;Secondary technical school & vocational school: 2,561; high school and below: 2,169.



    In 2012, with the guidance of Datang Power’s visions to “build a platform, fight two  battles  and  substantively push forward the construction  of six profit bases”, together with the specific requirements in the“Year  of Management Enhancement”, “assurance and reduction  policy”and “internal  control establishment” in relation to human  resources, the Company’s human  resources work  continued to be people-oriented, carry out service  development and vigorously implement the strategy for building a strong enterprise  through a talented team; concentrated efforts to further  carry out human  resources  work and improve the level of human  resources  management on an ongoing basis. The human resources work concentrated on leadership enhancement to further strengthen the build-up of leadership  and  staff teams;  on the  “assurance and reduction policy” to constantly improve the performance-based salary distribution policy; on the three-tier management system of the  Company  for carrying out the  management of labour  organization  steadily; on the Company’s “Twelfth Five-year” plan for human resources to constantly optimize the allocation of human  resources; and on the build-up of three  talented staff teams to strengthen the training and development of all employees  of the  Company so that the human resources tasks were  accomplished  satisfactorily during the whole year. This has assured a solid organization  and talented staff are in place for thesmooth  achievement of the goals and tasks in the second phase of the Company’s medium-term development plan.



    The Company vigorously implemented a strategy which focuses on talent  development to ensure that the business continues to thrive with the establishment of three teams of talented staff. It employed training programmes as an important tool to improve the overall quality of employees, enhance corporate  cohesion and shape an excellent corporate culture. By taking a number of initiatives such as the compilation and  the implementation of third-grade  training programmes, the development of well-targeted professional training and the establishment of a platform to attract a pool of talented staff, and by adopting a number of supporting measures such as the establishment of an ongoing training mechanism, the constant reinforcement of the training  infrastructure   and the increased commitment to training, the Company  pushed  forward the development of its vocational training programmes in a comprehensive and vigorous manner. These initiatives have helped ensure that there is enough talented staff to drive the implementation of the Company’s strategy to a deeper level to achieve synergistic diversifications. In 2012, the Company’s training courses were cumulatively attended by 339,461 man-times, of which 47,738 were on corporate management and professional  skills and 291,723 on production skills. A total of 1,611 employees of the Company achieved professional and technical qualification assessments during the year, of whom 69 received senior titles; 179,  intermediate titles; and 1,363, junior  titles.  3,835 obtained  occupational skill appraisals through the Company’s system, of whom 44 acquired senior technician qualifications; 254, technician qualifications; and 1,780, senior engineer  qualifications. During the year, 560 employees attended CDC’s training programmes for on-the-job qualifications.


    4.Implementing measures 

    (1)Continued to strengthen the build-up of a leadership team,  optimized  the  appraisal  management and emphasized on specificity, normativity and routine appraisals to improve the overall level of staff evaluation for enhancing the staff team’s capability for the discharge of duties, four “training  classes on enhancing the capability of leaders for the discharge of duties” were organized  successively and a total of 233 leaders attended training. 

    (2)Pushed forward the build-up of a reserve staff team vigorously. Absorbed outstanding young people,such as technical experts of state-backed enterprises, young experts of CDC and the Company model workers,  to  study  in the classes for the enhancement of youth  staff’s leadership. Made full use of various means such as exchange,temporary positions and on-the-job training to continue improving the size and  overall quality of the Company’s reserve staff team.

    (3)Continued to improve the salary distribution policy and smoothen the  salary and insurance systems. Introduced the“Measures for the Dynamic Management of Salary Point System and Wages for Different Positions”and the“Measures Governing the Allowances of Supervisors”;strengthened the security and incentive of   salaries through innovative mechanisms; and stepped up salary distribution based  on the Company’s performance to emphasize performance orientation in total wage/salary distribution. 

    (4) Carried out the management of labour organization steadily. Coordinated with the development of initial projects, project acquisition, project construction as well as actual production and operation, established new corporate entities and pre-project  preparatory offices in a timely manner, and optimized and modified the internal offices and personal attraction for certain  specialized and regional companies as well as grass-roots enterprises. 

    (5) Concentrated efforts on optimizing the allocation of human resources with guidance of the“Twelfth Five-Year”plan for human resources, concentrated efforts on carrying out the optimization of the allocation of human resources; carried out the recruitment of professional technical staff and senior skilled staff outside the system by conscientiously launching the recruitment of fresh graduates and strengthening the activation of the stock of human resources within the system. Various initiatives were taken to assure the availability of human  resources for the rapid development of the Company. 

    (6)Strengthened the build-up of three teams of talented staff vigorously.  Successfully completed the appraisal, evaluation, selection and recommendation of CDC’s fourth batch of “112 talented staff”and second batch of“double top ten outstanding talented staff”;carried out the SASAC’s“1000 plan”and CDC’s “100  plan”earnestly; to introduce high-level experts from overseas; strengthened  the  build-up of a team of skilled staff and launching contest activities of vocational skill. 

    (7)Completed the development of information system for human resources gement. Completed the development and establishment of the information system for human resources management which enable information system works online successfully, the information system has been built to meet the Company’s three-tier  management system and needs for diversified development and integrated and the human resources operations of the company and work collaborated with office platform.

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