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    Social Responsibilit


    Improving Quality and Efficiency

    Electricity strategically supports anddrives both the national economy and social development. To this end, DatangPower is accelerating its implementa-tion of major national strategies and itsdevelopment of a clean, low-carbon, safe, and a highly efficient modern energyand electric power system. We are also contributing to reforms to SOEs. As acentral power generation enterprise, we will take steps to ensure our economicresponsibility by scientifically upgrading initiatives that bolster the industryand improve our market competi-tiveness to ensure we become a world classcomprehensive energy service provider.

    Low-carbon Thermal Power

    The central government is a strong advocateof an economy that thrives on delivering low energy consumption, low pollutionand low emissions. As a result, we are adjusting the structure of our thermalpower generating units and prioritizing environmental friendly units to promotethe clean and efficient coal utilization. In 2016, our installed capacity forthermal power units was 35,170.8MW.

    Theworld’s largest thermal power plant

    Inner Mongolia Tuoketuo Power GenerationCompany has a total installed capacity of 6,720,000 KW and is a key part ofChina's Western Development" and "West-East Power Transmission"Initiatives. The company's commitment to "bringing clean energy to Beijingand protecting the environment in Inner Mongolia" is a vital part of ourgreen development strategy.

    Constructing a new integrated heating model in Liaoning

    Once completed the Shendong and Huludaothermal power projects and their supporting heat supply networks will provideheat to a 15.56 million square meter and 16.47 million square meter area,respectively, in the cities of Shenfuxin and Huludao. The projects will replace79 high-consumption and 158 low-efficiency small capacity boilers andaccelerate the "Blue Sky Project" of Liaoning province, which will contributeto the rejuvenation of an old industrial base.

    Thermal power generation plant in the east end of Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Power Grid

    The Hebei Zhangjiakou Power GenerationPlant has eight 320 MW thermal power generation units. In 2016, coalconsumption was reduced from its power generation activities by 4g/KWh. Thissignificantly influenced the treatment and reduction of smog in Beijing andTianjin.

    China Datang elite projects

    Located in Jiangxi province, the FuzhouProject, jointly invested by Datang International and EDF, is the first milliondollar-worth, high-efficient and environmental-friendly plant. The keystandards of its generating units, being the forefront in China, greatlycontribute to the electric power restructuring and social and economic developmentin Jiangxi Province. The project was awarded the Elite Project of China Datang ThermalPower Prize for its breakthrough in construction process and the cost of its1,000 MW power units. In 2016, the company’s unit No.2 was officially inoperation.

    China Datang’s 1,000 MW-benchmark power plants

    Guangdong Leizhou Power Generation Companyplans to build six 1,000 MW power units with world class double reheattechnology. The units will lower coal consumption to 265g/KWh and improve allcoal-fired power generation indicators.

    Clean Energy

    Clean energy is an important aspect indiversifying energy interests and protecting the environment. Driving upon theinitiative of structural adjustments, Datang Power is focused on balancing its approachto wind and solar power while also developing its use of maritime and land energy.We are increasing our proportion of non-water renewable energy and ourexploration of new forms of energy. In 2016, clean energy and renewable energymade up 25.71% of our total installed capacity.

    Constructing the Southwest Hydropower Base

    The Changheba Hydropower Station useddigital technology to construct its world-class 2.6 million KW high dam, thelargest ongoing Datang Power hydropower project. Along side the HuangjinpingHydropower Station—which has a installed capacity of 850 thousand KW—thecompany is establishing a two-level power plant system on the Daduhe River.This approach is a microcosm of our broader energy structural adjustments andreforms and showcases how we will upgrade hydropower operations by using surgingriver water to supply power to the Tibetan region.

    Building Qinghai photovoltaic power generation brand

    Qinghai New Energy Company has reached a PVcapacity of 160 MW. The company has taken steps to optimize its regional powersupply structure and serves as a model company in Qinghai photovoltaicindustry. In 2016, the 4th phase of photovoltaic 20 MW project was successfullyconnected to the grid.

    Tapping wind energy in Jiangxi province

    Jiangxi New Energy Company built anadditional thirteen 2.5 MW wind power generation units on Shitou Mountain,producing an estimated 64,490,000 KWh of electricity annually. Its first windgeneration units were connected to the grid in 2016 and are now viewed as ashowcase for the use of local wind as a power source.  

    Power Supply

    Electricity is an important contributor tonational economic growth and social development, and Datang Power is committedto providing safe, clean and efficient electricity power. We supervise theimplementation of all forms of electric power protection measures and have successfullycompleted many tasks during major periods. In 2016, our total electricity consumptionwas 172.5 billion KWh, a year-on-year increase of 1.65%.

    Ensuring power to the capital

    We have normalized the power supply for thecapital and  we are proud to supply powerto the capital during important, energy intensive events, and have successfullyperformed the task during the "Two Festivals" periods, "TwoSessions" periods, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Ceremony of the60th Anniversary of the founding of New China in 2009, the APEC Meeting in2014, the 2015 China Victory Day Military Parade and many other importantevents.

    Supplying power for the G20 Summit.

    During the 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit, ZhejiangShaoxing Jiangbin Thermal Power Company, Jiangshan Xincheng Thermal PowerCompany, and Wushashan Power Generation Company formulated and implementedplans to supply power to the city, conducting tests and performing contingencymeasures to root out and accommodate hidden challenges. The companiesstrengthened all aspects of managing environment protection measures andimplementing needed equipment to ensure that all emissions and pollutants metor exceeded national and international standards.

    Honoring carbon emissions agreements

    In 2016, eight affiliated corporations ofDatang Power were included in a regional carbon emissions trading pilotprogram. The Beijing Gaojing Thermal Power Plant, one of the selectedcompanies, built a regulatory system that covered the entire energy utilizationand carbon emissions process. As such, the company was awarded the EnergyManagement System Certification of China Classification Society QualityAssurance Ltd, making it the first grassroots enterprise in Datang Power Groupto adopt the CCER exchange method and complete all its annual carbon emissions work.The company also successfully achieved carbon asset appreciation. These effortsgreatly contributed to Datang Power’s participation in the national carbonexchange market. In addition, the first two phases of the Wind Power Project ofFengning Dam of Hebei New Energy Company were also granted a project record byCCER, following the completion of its CCER examination.

    Demand-side Services

    As the government continues to reform the electricitypower system, we must also continue to take the initiative adapting to marketchanges. To this end, we will promote our involvement in direct power purchasesand sales for big consumers and our participation in pilot carbon markettransactions. This will ensure our success as a comprehensive energy service provider.

    Participating in the construction of local electric power market

    At the end of 2016, in addition tosuccessively establishing three electricity-selling companies  (Guangdong Datang Energy Marketing Co., Ltd.,Fujian Datang Energy Marketing Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Datang Energy MarketingCo., Ltd.), Datang Power also invested in marketing companies affiliated to thebranches of China Datang Corporation in Jiangsu,Yunnan and Shanxi, and aelectricity-selling company affiliated to a local energy investment company inChongqing.

    Adopting the practice of direct power purchases for big consumers

    The electricity market can be a complicatedenvironment. As such, Yunnan Lixianjiang Hydropower Company is taking steps toupgrade the quality of its service and to improve its consumer satisfactionrate for direct purchasers of electric power. The company has signed a Contractof Direct Electric Power Transactions Between Big Consumers and Power GenerationEnterprises with three enterprises in Yunnan province, and is going to be thefirst power generation enterprise to adopt the practice of direct power forlarge consumer purchases in Yunnan.

    Editor:dtpower    Source:2016 Social Responsibility Report

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