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    Social Responsibilit


    Sustainable Development

    Green growth is a core concept insustainable development and an important part of the 13th Five-Year Plan.Datang Power plans to contribute to the growth and development of an ecologicalcivilization by placing green concepts at the heart of its operations. Bydeveloping resources and taking steps to protect the ecological environment, wewill contribute to energy conservation and emissions reduction initiatives andfacilitate a blue sky, clear water and green mountain environment.

    Ultra-low Emissions

    In strict compliance with nationalpollutant emission standards to reduce pollutant emission, we conduct energyconservation and consumption reduction work and regularly look to transform andimprove the ways in which we protect the environment. To date, we haveintroduced many ultra-low emissions initiatives, reducing pollutant emissionsand playing a leading role among large-scale power generation enterprises.

    In September 2014, the National Developmentand Reform Commission, Ministry of Environmental Protection and National EnergyAdministration jointly issued the Action Plan for the Coal Power EnergyConservation and Emission Reduction Upgrade and Reform, and in March 2015 aGovernment Work Report was released at the 3rd Conference of the 12th NPC. Thelatter specified requirements for "promoting the transformation ofultra-low emissions from coal-fired plants". In addition, on December 2,2015, the Standing Committee of the State Council announced its decision tointroduce ultra-low emissions and energy conservation in coal-fired plants andreduce coal consumption and pollutant emissions from the power generationsector.

    Ecological Protection

    We believe that "green hills and clearwaters are invaluable assets" and we are committed to developing andutilizing resources safely to protect the environment. To maintain the safety,order and stability of our production and operational processes, we always examineour impact on the ecological environment to ensure that we preserve and protectsocial and environmental features in the communities in which we conductactivities.

    Breeding and releasing fish to protect water resources

    Yunnan Lixianjiang River Hydropower Companyconducts catch-and-release fishing for rare aboriginal fishes such as soft-finnew light-lip fish and dark-lip fish.

    Yunnan Lixianjiang River Hydropower Companytransplants rare and protective seeds in around the local reservoir andtransplants and breeds 12 rare rainforest seedlings such as Vietnam gurjun,Hopea hongayensis, terminalia myriocarpa, magnolia macrophylla, paramichelia baillonii,horsfieldia tetratepala, myristica yunnanensis, caryota urens, toon, tetramelesnudiflora, deutzianthus tonkienensis, and the menglun Alice subtree.

    Sichuan Ganzi Hydropower Company preservesa 11-km-long natural stretch of river between the Huangjinping hydropowerstation and the downstream cascade Luding hydropower station to ensure the lifecycle of the surrounding landscape. The company has taken steps to preventactivities that would reduce water use and implements projects that preservethe natural habitat for indigenous fish. In 2016, the company released 300,000two-year-old wild parent Schizothoracinae offspring to compensate for theimpact of building a hydropower station on fishery reserves in the naturalwaters of Dadu River.

    Sichuan Ganzi Hydropower Company alsotransplants, cuts and collects seeds for 293 national second-class protectiveplants including the Cupressus chengiana which is concentrated in the ChanghebaHydropower Station Reservoir area. This is done to protect indigenous trees andthe gene pool of the natural Cupressus chengiana plant.

    Chongqing Pengshui Hydropower plants food forthe Francois's Leaf Monkey—a first-class protected species—to help preservetheir habitat. The company is cooperating with Pengshui and Wulong CountyForestry Bureau to create the region's largest reserve for the endangereddistylium buxifolium plant. By the end of 2016, more than 34,840 transplantedtrees had been saved.

    Chongqing Pengshui Hydropower Company hasalso designed and built the country's first comprehensive fish collectionplatform. The platform attracts fish for temporary farming and rescue and givesexperts the opportunity to conduct experiments that have the potential to solveproblems related to high- dam fish in habitats that surround hydropowerstations. Their work is also reintroducing rare fish species to the river basinby way of artificial fertilization, breeding, cultivation and release. Thecompany has been breeding and releasing aquaculture since 2010, releasing atotal of 3,200,000 fish, including 420,000 mullets, Iwaharas, Sinilabeos rendahlis,and 1,050,000 Spinibarbus sinensis and white turtles.

    Resource Conservation

    Through strengthening the conservationmanagement throughout the whole operating process, we reduce energy consumptionand improve efficiency and profitability of resource utilization. We activelypromote the reform of energy conservation technologies and have steadilylowered our energy consumption. In 2016 National Large Thermal Power UnitBenchmarking Competition, our Company had 8 award-winning units for theiroutstanding efficiency.

    We emphasize water resource conservationand supply management , exercise unified control and adopt quality grading,carry out rational recovery and adopt tiered pricing to improve water reuserate, reduce water withdrawals and waste water discharge.

    Creatingan ecological miniature through dust consolidation and control

    We focus on the waste management andsynthetic utilization to actively create a harmonious ecological environment.In 2016, a total of 20.4134 million tons of fly ash, slag and coal sider was producedand its synthetic utilization rate reaches 85.5%.Hebei Zhangjiakou PowerGeneration Plant has been implementing an integral Ash Yard ComprehensiveDevelopment and Utilization Initiative to actively develop ash yard treereproduction and cultivation for the construction of ecological park. HebeiDouhe Power Generation Plant has been implementing its comprehensive controlproject of Lijiayu Ash Yard since 2007 which has substantially improved the ashyard ecological restoration.  

    Editor:dtpower    Source:2016 Social Responsibility Report

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