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    About Us
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    Human Resources

    1.Composition of employees (specialty, educational background)

    Total number of employees: 22,966. By category: Management: 5,771; professional technicians: 3,700; production personnel: 12,284; other staff: 1,211. By educational background: Doctoral graduate: 21; Postgraduate: 707; Undergraduate:12,089; College graduate: 6,055; Secondary technical school & vocational school graduate: 2,046; Staff at high school level or below: 2,048.


    In 2016, by focusing on central tasks of the enterprise, the human resources management strengthened the construction of leading bodies and cadres at all levels, optimized the deployment of human resources, raised remuneration and incentives, improved the performance assessment, and solidified staff training, so as to implement the “120-point work standards” to accomplish all tasks for the year in a pragmatic manner by the successful implementation of the large-department structural reform of the Company’s headquarters as well as the promotion of the restructuring of energy and chemical companies and integration of regional management.


    The Company vigorously implemented a strategy which focuses on talent development to ensure that the business continues to thrive with the establishment of three teams of  talented staff. It employed training as an important tool to improve the overall quality of the employee teams and enhance core competitiveness of the corporate. By taking a number of initiatives such as the comprehensive compilation of training programmes, the conduct of well targeted professional training, and the establishment of an ongoing mechanism of nurturing talents, the constant reinforcement of the training and the increased commitment to training, the Company effectively pushed forward the development of its vocational training programmes in a comprehensive and vigorous manner, and various types of talents emerged. These initiatives have helped to secure a talent pool for the continuous and healthy development of the Company. In 2016, the Company conducted systematic training for 265,993 person-times, of which 70,600 were in relation to corporate management and professional techniques, 190,213 on production techniques and 5,180 on other training. A total of 1,732 employees of the Company passed professional and technical qualification assessments during the year, of whom 82 received senior titles; 592 received intermediate titles; and 1,058 received junior titles. 14 people obtained senior technician qualification with the total accumulated number of 210 and 73 acquired technician qualifications with the total accumulated number of 1,204 through the Company’s system.

    4. Implementing measures

    (1)The Company successfully implemented the large-department structural reform of the its headquarters by merging the safety and environmental protection department and production department into safety production department to unify the exercise of safety production management functions; establishing a new material management department to centralize the exercise of material management functions; and setting up larger offices instead of setting up office for a single function. After the reform, the corporate organization became more reasonable and functional with clearer interface and division of responsibilities, thus enhancing the management efficiency.

    (2) The Company strengthened the construction of leading body and management teams by selection and designation of cadres according to the number of posts, regulations and procedures. The annual assessment of members of leading body and management teams was at all levels within the company organization conducted on schedule, while the importance of daily assessment was also recognized. Leadership training was conducted through various channels. The Company organized the seventh leadership capability enhancement programme for young cadres, and also continued to carry out multi-level field practice to improve their political quality and management capability. The Company strengthened the daily management of cadres, implemented relevant requirements of declaration of personal matters, and reaffirmed the rules and disciplines of reporting related personal matters.

    (3) The Company strengthened the management of its organization and optimized the three-tier management system. Adhering to the principle of “Following Standards, Formulating Policies Customized for Different Enterprises, Streamlined and Efficient”, the Company modified the corporate organization of 18 enterprises at basic level. Also, the Company conducted in-depth study on the management system, business model and corporate organization of regional electricity sales company, and proactively promoted the establishment of regional energy marketing companies in various provinces. Besides, the Company strived to build up the capability of equipment maintenance and overhaul of coal-fired power plants, improved the security for safety production, and comprehensively carried out the establishment of the department responsible for the maintenance for coal-fired power enterprises with new power plants and new policies.

    (4)The Company optimized the deployment of human resources and standardized labor management. The Company recruited college graduates with great capacity to solve issues such as labor arrangement for newly constructed projects, optimization of personnel structure for long-established enterprises, labor supply for enterprises lack of workforce and establishment of the maintenance department. In order to fulfil the needs for production preparation of newly constructed projects and the establishment of maintenance departments in certain coal-fired power enterprises, a recruitment and selection of cadres with production techniques was carried out in timely manner. The Company instructed the enterprises at basic level to regulate the management of dispatched labor in accordance with the Guiding Opinions on Regulating Management of Dispatched Labor.

    (5)The Company strengthened the performance assessment and remuneration incentives. The performance assessment system was improved by conducting monthly comprehensive performance assessment on the headquarters and its subsidiaries and making rewards or punishments clearly according to positive or negative assessment results, while cancelling the six specialized prizes for its subsidiaries. The enterprise wage standards were formulated by focusing on the benefit factors and taking full account of type of enterprises, personnel structure, working environment and historical situation. The Administrative Measures on the Personal Honours and Awards were established to further standardize the scope and criteria of personal honours and awards to reflect the timeliness of such awards. The standards on labour protection expenses was established with a comprehensive consideration of the characteristics of the industry, business model and other factors. Also, the Administrative Measures on the Labour Dispatch Fees were drafted to standardize labour costs.

    (6)The Company solidified the staff training and improved the quality of staff teams. The training programmes were thoroughly implemented to organize and implement 36 training programmes in over 2,000 person-times. The skills competition programmes were  organized for three professions (types of work) of fitter, thermal control and fuel collection, production and transformation as well as examinations for safety production personnel and financial personnel. Appraisal on vocational skills were proactively promoted, in which 73 employees obtained the qualification of technician for the types of work exclusive for power industry and 14 employees obtained the qualification of senior technician for the types of work exclusive for power industry. The Company soundly conducted employee evaluation, in which 1,732 employees passed the qualification assessment for professional techniques. The further boost for the construction of the training base has an increasingly prominent effect on professional training.

    5.Achievements and awards




    Entitlement to special government allowance provided by the State Council


    The State Council

    National Technical Expert


    Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

    Technical Expert of Central Enterprise


    State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission

    Technical Expert in China’s Power Industry


    China Electricity Council

    Technical Expert in China’s Nonferrous Metals Industry


    China Nonferrous Metals Association

    Technical Expert of the Corporation


    China Datang Corporation

    Outstanding Technical Contestants of the Corporation


    China Datang Corporation


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